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2022 Covid Safety Guidelines

These guidelines were drafted using CDC and CDHS guidelines, and adapted for our community.  As such, they are attempting to weave together the threads of:

  • Safety

  • Comfort 

  • Children’s unpredictability


We ask all families to take responsibility for co-creating safety at camp.


Overall idea:  Please wear masks whenever gathered and unvaccinated campers are present.  When in the presence of only vaccinated* campers, it may be okay to remove masks with consent.  If you are unmasked in an outdoor social space and attempting to maintain 6’ of distance, just have a mask ready in case that becomes impossible due to little people.


In principle, vaccinated campers may socialize without masks (anywhere except the dining hall) if everyone consents. That becomes tricky with fluid social groups and human fairies weaving in among us.  Let’s please err on the side of always covering up around the unvaccinated.


*Please assume that people under 12 are unvaccinated unless you are specifically told otherwise, since we have not yet required it for anyone under 12.*


  1. Masks

    • People should have a mask with them at all times. (Get one of those cute mask necklaces, put it in your pocket/basket)

    • Large Group Gatherings (ie. rituals, talent show, etc)

      1. Unless 6 feet apart outside, everyone masked

      2. Performers/ speakers at rituals and talent show can go unmasked as long as they are *minimum* 6 feet away from everyone else

    • Path

      1. In the presence of unvaccinated campers, all campers wear a mask

      2. Always have a mask on your person when coming to the path; in paths where all members are vaccinated it is up to the discretion of the teachers and participants.

    • Workshops/small group activities

Wear your mask if unvaccinated campers are present. If all present are vaccinated and the workshop is being held outside check with all participants before removing masks. 

Example of how to ask: Would folks feel comfortable if I removed my mask?  

2. Dining hall protocol

  • If eating inside, wear your mask until seated at your table. If you are sitting with people who are not in your family group, please ask them first if they are comfortable eating together, and respect a yes or no answer.

    • Example of how to ask: Would it be alright if I take off my mask and eat with you? May I join you? 

  • If eating outside, follow the regular mask policy until seated at your table and eating. Wear your mask when finished eating/ drinking.

  • Those serving food will be masked.

  • We are restricting the kitchen area to vaccinated campers only, for the protection of the kitchen staff. This means under 12-year-olds who are not vaccinated should not take a kitchen work shift.

  • Hangout time: All hangout time inside the dining hall is masked. You could choose to hang out at outside tables instead. We will also set aside one cabin for fully vaccinated people to hang out and play games etc - this can be unmasked if everyone there consents.

In Case of Covid Symptoms or Positive Covid Test:

  1. Please have a conversation/plan pre camp on what you will do if someone in your family starts showing symptoms. 

  2. If you or someone in your family starts showing symptoms, we ask that they isolate and leave the premises as soon as possible. Please get tested as soon as possible when you get home.

  3. If you or someone in your family has a positive Covid test during camp or up to 2 weeks after camp (Aug 24th), please contact the Weavers as soon as possible.

  4. If a camper has a positive Covid test during camp or up to 2 weeks after, the Weavers will notify all campers that there was a positive test at camp, but will not share the identity of the camper who tested positive. We also encourage campers to reach out to anyone you spent a lot of time with and inform them specifically.

***Parents, please take responsibility for your minor child(ren) following these guidelines. Have the needed conversations about masks with your child(ren) before coming, and make a plan for what you will do if someone develops symptoms.***

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