Witchlets on the Web 2020 is from Friday, August 7
until Sunday, August 9. We will not meet in the woods this time, but will be meeting virtually! Please RSVP here!

Camp 2020 — Witchlets on the Web


Please visit our Facebook group and join in discussions there.


Witchlets was birthed by the desire to create a sacred space for pagan families to come together and honor the gifts that witches of all ages bring to the world. We are looking forward to coming together a a community again this year with new friends as well as old. We create a place where our families are surrounded by magic and, where children and adults feel safe and free to step into their magical power. It is an opportunity for pagan families of all kinds to build community resources and expand extended family. Witchlets in the Woods is drug and alcohol free during the length of camp except for prescription drugs, medicinal herbs, nicotine and caffeine.


We welcome all interested to our meetings. At camp there are many ways to step into leadership and help make the magic happen. We are committed to the Reclaiming Principles of Unity which can be found here.