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Details of our at-camp COVID policy for 2023.


  • Please rapid test every member of your family no more than 24 hours before your arrival at camp.  At registration, you will need to share a photo of the negative test for each member of your group.  In return, you will receive a wristband.

  • Witchlets has 200 rapid tests to share with campers! You will be responsible for acquiring your family’s pre-camp tests, but we have plenty to share for at-camp testing purposes.

  • We will all test again on Monday. Witchlets is able to provide enough rapid tests for everyone at this camp! If you have easy access to tests of your own, we encourage you to bring them.  

  • Masks will be worn indoors (dining hall and bathrooms), except when seated, actively eating a meal.  Socializing, games, and hanging out is best done outside. 

  • Everyone, including volunteers, will be unmasked in the kitchen as a kitchen safety precaution.  Fire is hot and masks can inhibit rapid communication.

  • Masks will not be required outdoors.  Please keep a mask with you all the time so that you are ready to sensitively mask up if you find yourself in close proximity to someone with masking needs different from your own.

  • If anyone in your family has symptoms, please keep them isolated in your cabin, put on a mask, and let Weavers know right away.  Weavers will help to create a support structure and a plan. 

  • Definitely make a plan, in advance, for your family to leave camp right away if a family member tests positive.

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