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A Spell(ing) for Our WITW 2017 Story


Come gather round the fire of our creative spark.

Stare into the flames as we seek our 2017 story.

Gaze deeply into the spark of creative vision

In these difficult times of dancing with shadows and uncertainty,

and commitment to clarity — what story will we learn from?

Are we seeking ways to break out of our molds of conformity?

Are we writing our own story?

Might we work with a single deity and each day honor a different story from their journey?

Or could it be a Deity is calling us across cultures (being always mindful of the danger of appropriation), each day a different reflection of their form?

Is this a Fools Journey to seek a perfect story?

So many creation myths — a different day, a different culture (being always mindful of the danger of appropriation).

Big Mama, she creates the world.

Leaning into the resources of our ancestors — calling forward what must be transformed.

How will we pass on wisdom to our Witchlet wild ones of what we ourselves do not yet have or fully understand?

Guardians to children, children rise, resist, revolt — move our world.

Gaze deeply into the spark of creative vision

We know our story;

must move from the Redwood forests out into the rest of our wounded and embattled world.

We know our story;

is as old as time and if fed on our dreams will blossom into something re-generative.

We know our story;

must weave the fabric of relationship and connection, picking up where the fabric is torn—changing the pattern and celebrating the scar.

We need a story;

that gives us the resources to unify in the face of danger, and oppression with powerful beautiful creative resistance as our weapon.

We need a story;

that fortifies and nourishes our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our spirits — that reminds us of all that is woven together and with mother earth.

We want a story;

that helps us.

Helps us, know, that we have what we need to make the world a better place.

We need Hope.

We need Magic.

We need Respect.

We need Fierce Love.

We need a story.

A story of action, the contrast of bright and shadow, light and dark.

A story that challenges our hidden gifts.

A story that calls forth Allies who help us take a long view of time.

A story of community in connection, of giving, and generosity.

A story that thrills us into the depth of our blood and bones.

A story of deep energetic forces.

A story of intertwined destinies.

A story of many central figures working in and for community — no heroes need apply.

A story with art and humor — that brings sweet clarity of purpose.

A story that opens us to a magical journey of resilience.

A story with purple.

A story with a “Tweet, tweet, tweet” that has more than 140 characters — a languid and loving use of our time.

A story that does not focus on outer beauty representing inner beauty — no, we simply need to;




What story will we share together?

If you have a story you wish to offer as a possibility for this years camp please send a typed version to Stas at and we will post it on the blog for folks to read. Come to the Story meeting on Sunday, Feb. 12.

#Witchlets #Story #Camp2017

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