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Witchlets in the Woods »»» Top 10 Things to Know About Camp 2017

1) All of Camp Is a Peanut-Free Zone »

At least one of our beloved campers has a life-threatening peanut allergy. To keep them safe, we ask that you do not bring any items with peanuts to camp, including peanuts, peanut butter, peanut butter based candy, and energy bars with peanuts.

2) All of Camp Is a Fragrance-Free Zone »

Several of our campers have extreme chemical sensitivity and/or scent-based allergies. Because of this, we ask that you refrain from using any perfumed or scented products at camp. This includes perfumes and items like scented lotions or hair care products, and especially includes scented mosquito repellants (please see item seven).

3) All Campers Contribute to the Work and Play of Camp »

Everyone who works on this camp is a volunteer, and everyone who comes to camp also volunteers to help! Task shifts include helping with meal prep or clean up in the kitchen, cleaning bathrooms, or helping with childcare for others who are working. When you arrive at camp, please sign up for your volunteer shifts. Remember, this keeps camp costs down.

  • Adult campers, please assign yourself to a minimum of three task shifts over the week — at least one in the kitchen.

  • Adults with witchlets under the age of 5, two tasks each adult.

  • Single adults with witchlets aged 12 and under are excused from All-Camp Clean up.

  • Campers between the ages of 13 and 18, please sign up for and perform two tasks.

  • Teachers are to sign up for at least one task.

4) Fire Safety and Changes to the Smoking Section »

The ONLY places where open flame is allowed in camp is at the smoking tables and at the two fire circles. This is a HUGE fire safety issue. In order to meet the varied needs of all of our campers, please note the following changes to our smoking policy:

  • The smoking table will be located just above the usual spot in the grove to the left of the lodge. This is the ONLY place in camp where smoking of any kind is allowed, including vaping, medicinal use, etc.

  • California law states it is unlawful for people under the age of 21 to use tobacco and recreational marijuana products.

  • Please do not share any products with others.

5) All of Camp Is a Drug and Alcohol Free Zone »

As a Reclaiming camp, we seek to change consciousness at will rather than through the use of intoxicating substances. We also seek to be a welcoming and inclusive place for those members of our community who are in recovery. Accordingly, we ask that ALL recreational drugs and alcohol be left home. Please note that people with a prescription for medical marijuana are welcome to use their medicine at the designated smoking table.

6) The Kitchen Closes at 7:00 pm »

Our cooks work very hard all day, and they are off duty after 7:00 pm! So please don’t ask them for things at that point. Please do not use the kitchen after 7:00 pm unless you have made arrangements with the Kitchen Liaison (who will be announced at camp!) There is a refrigerator in the Lodge available for everyone's use. Please remember this is a shared refrigerator, and is on the smaller side, so please be mindful of how much you bring to be refrigerated.

7) Mosquitos Are Abundant at the Woodlands! »

As discussed in item two, we ask you not to use mosquito repellents with a scent, including herbal repellants. Here are some approaches for dealing with mosquitos that work for people: odorless Deet (some will be available at camp). Eating large amounts of B-Vitamins and garlic for two weeks before camp is said to make you untasty to mosquitos. Vitamin B patches also seem to help (google them, and be aware, some folks have allergic reactions), Mosquitos are most active at dusk and dawn, and in the shade. Covering up your skin as much as possible can help as well.

8) Arrival and Departure Times »

Registration is from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm on Saturday, August 5 at the Mendocino Woodlands, Camp II. Please arrive during this window to get properly checked in and registered. We ask that all campers stay and participate in All Camp Clean-up on the final day — Wednesday, August 9. We all must depart camp by 11:00 am on Wednesday, timing is non-negotiable. We will incur a huge fine if we are not all heading out by 11:00 am. If you need to arrive late or leave early, please check in with Jax or Stas (coordinators) or Joe Fajen (registrar) beforehand. We can be reached by email at

9) Witchlets in the Woods is Co-Created by All of Us »

In addition to taking on the tasks to keep camp running smoothly (see number three), everyone at camp is invited to help make the magic of camp run smoothly as well! Evening rituals are co-created by campers (there is a lunchtime Ritual Planning Table, please join us) and everyone is welcome and invited to participate in shaping ritual and in taking on roles during ritual. This year we will be holding one pre-dinner ritual at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, August 8. We’ll meet in the circle space outside the Lodge and together move to our ritual space.

10) Witchlets Strives to Be an Inclusive Space »

We recognize all kinds of families; however you define your family is wonderful. Witchlets is in accord with the Reclaiming Principles of Unity which states in part “We welcome all genders, all gender histories, all races, all ages and sexual orientations and all those differences of life situation, background, and ability that increase our diversity.”

People come to camp from all different walks of life, and WITW is a place where many of us let our hair down in ways we might not during our daily life. It is a place where we can be ourselves and express ourselves. For some this includes the opportunity to be skyclad at camp (ie, without clothing). We also require that anyone who is not wearing clothing place a towel under themselves when sitting on the benches at camp. Please talk about inclusion and these various forms of self expression with your family members before camp, both so they can be aware, and also so they may participate.

Accessibility: The woodlands is a minimally developed camp. Some trails are chair accessible, but all cabins and the dining hall have a step up to enter. Bathrooms with running water are all uphill, however, a porta potty on level ground at the center of camp is provided for those who need it. If you have additional questions about accessibility, please contact Jax and Stas at

Congratulations on reading this far! Your prize... more detailed information about Witchlets in the Woods 2017! Download this year's Registration Packet here.


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