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Camp is almost here!

Here’s a few reminders before you head to the Mendocino Woodlands:

Remember to bring cash and/or a checkbook!

This will come in handy for buying raffle tickets, bidding on items in the silent solidarity auction, and tipping teachers and cooks!

Remember to be scent free at camp:

No perfumed or scented items or products! We’ll be providing unscented hand soap, shampoo, and conditioner for those who need it.


There will be an ancestor altar and a faeri altar, please bring items for them! You’ll need to plan to bring those home, but also, on occasion items wander, so don’t leave anything irreplaceable on the altars! Also feel free to build other altars!

All food needs to be kept in the dining hall:

In the past we’ve been permitted to keep food in critter proof containers in cabins and tents, but new policy is dining hall ONLY. Click here for a copy of this year's menu.

Camp Packet and Story:

And, just in case you're looking for it, here's this year's camp packet that includes our Story of Vasilisa the Brave.

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