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A Red Mare? Trolls? What Will Witchlets Wear While We Welcome Them?

Dearest Witchlets — are you ready to seek what has been lost and to venture out into the unknown and the strange? To use your intuition as an ally when facing fears and challenges? Are you ready to encounter wild possibilities so together we can change all the worlds? Then come along with the Red Mare — and possibly a Troll or two — as we venture into the Woodlands together.

Nancy Buffum has beautifully created this image of the Red Mare and Troll for this year's Witchlets’ t-shirt. The image will be white ink on either a red or black t-shirt or hoodie, your choice. Youth and adult sizes available. Thanks to Alliance Graphics, t-shirt and hoodie sales this year are a scholarship fundraiser! $10 from each sale will go towards our Witchlets in the Woods scholarship fund. Help us to raise funds to help bring as many families as possible to our beautiful summer home for a week each year! Let's make the magic happen!

All orders must be received by no later than Monday, July 30, 9:00 am PST. Items will be distributed at camp during registration. If you aren’t coming to camp this year and would still like to order one and support our fundraiser, shipping options are available as well (for an additional cost). How many will you order...

WITW 2018 T-shirts & Hoodies — Order Here by July 30

WITW 2018 Tshirt

Tshirts: Red and Black: $20




Hoodies: Red and Black

Zipper Style: $35

Pullover Style: $30

WITW 2018 T-shirts & Hoodies — Order Here by July 30

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