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Who are the Witchlets?
Where did they come from?

Once upon a time...

There was a group of SF Bay Area witches who practiced magic in the Reclaiming tradition. Some were parents, and they loved their children very much. "“It would be so cool,” they said, “to share this practice with our kids. What if we found a safe, sacred space in the forest where they could explore magic through story, costumes, freedom, and fun?” Well, that's exactly what they did. And that’s how Witchlets in the Woods (WITW) came to be — more than 20 years ago.

Story, ritual, and connection

Our camp community spans all ages —  from babes in arms to teens, young adults to elders. Together, we bring one special story to life in all kinds of ways through all the days of camp. At the morning circle, the storyteller shares it. In daily path, we explore it. In the afternoons, we express it through art and craft. And in the evenings, we embody it through rituals filled with costumes, drumming, and magic. We also find time for a fun-filled talent show, singing around the campfire, trips to the swimming hole, reading, visiting, hiking, and resting. 

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Love makes a family

All different kinds of families come to Witchlets: one-parent families, multi-parent families, families with two moms or two dads or one of each. Sometimes grandparents bring their grandchildren. Sometimes it’s an aunt or an uncle. And sometimes the kids grow up, but the parents keep coming — because love makes a family. And there’s lots of love to go around at Witchlets.

Blessed be, diversity

We acknowledge that Reclaiming is a majority-white community, and we strive to shift that. We value diversity and inclusivity. And we welcome Black, Indigenous, and other people of color as well as people of all genders, gender histories, races, ages, and sexual orientations.

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